Calle El Olmo 8
01330 Labastida (Álava), España
Tel. +34 945 331 230
Fax: +34 945 331 257
Our wines are the fruit of work well-done, the mirror of our life and the place where they come from... the land.

At Tierra Agrícola Labastida, when drinking one of our wines, we want you to be taken back to where it comes from, its landscape, its peoples and, above all, its vineyards. That’s why we put all our effort into preserving the maximum quality of our raw materials, the vines and their fruits.

At Tierra Agrícola Labastida we harvest all our lands by hand and collect the fruit in small boxes, respecting the integrity of the grapes so that they are able to transmit their character to the wine, the glass.