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El Primavera

After many years working hard in the domestic and export markets we have taken the proposal of one of our best customers and friends based in Belgium which is Paul Van Dinter, since some time he is very interested to collaborate with our project being part of the winemaking process for one of our wines. His experience and background is a guarantee for us and to produce a wine based on their thoughts is a must, he is looking for a wine with an ample fruity aromas characteristic of the variety, in this case the pure Tempranillo, and with a bit of a fine Crianza time in barrels. Paul and Carlos want you, once you drink their wine, to be taken back to where it comes from, its landscape, its peoples and, above all, its vineyards with the unique touch of Paul Van Dinter. Thank you Paul for this chance and for being part of this family project.


Guía Peñin 2011

El Primavera 2009,
89 points

Guía Peñin 2010

El Primavera 2008,
88 points

Guía Peñin 2009

El Primavera 2007,
89 points

Guía Gourmet 2010

El Primavera 2008,
8'5 points

Guía Gourmet 2009

El Primavera 2007,
6 points