El Belisario

It is the purest example of tempranillo grapes from Rioja Alavesa. Coming from a vineyard over a hundred years old with an extremely low production. You can taste a high concentration of ripe fruit, well-bodied, with a final touch of toffee and lime soil plus a perfect acidity which makes this wine fresh and very tempting.

Tierra Fidel

Here we find a rare combination of 50% graciano and garnacho. This wine represents the character, personality and the perseverance of our father, Fidel.

Tierra Fidel Blanco

There is a certain similarity with its “brother” the Red TIERRA FIDEL in the combination of varieties, seven different white grapes, precisely. The origin of this wine is an exclusive seventy-five years vineyard, another example of the elegance and diversity we can find in Rioja Alavesa.

La Abuela Visi

Al Cobijo de la Madre Tierra.

Del esfuerzo de nuestra familia procede este coupage de Viura, Malvasía,… que no tiene otro objetivo que homenajear a nuestra madre.

La Greña

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